The Day: Eastern Pequots Pin Hopes on Forest Management Program

On Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 members of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation participated in a smudging ceremony with timber harvesters from Hull Forest Projects to honor the reservation as part of a community development plan.

Chair Katherine Sebastian-Dring told The Day, “We’ve spent 15 years identifying the resources — the plant and animal species, birds, trees — on our land. We’ve worked with UMass Boston to map our archaeological sites. Now it’s time to work on developing our infrastructure…We’ve got dead and dying trees all over the place.”

Part of the initiative will include harvesting lesser-quality trees to allow surrounding flora to flourish. Other plans include bringing sewer, electricity and water services to the reservation. To read more about the ceremony please visit, The Day: Eastern Pequots Pin Hopes on Forest Management Program>>.

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