The Day: Eastern Pequots Elect Chairwoman, Endorse Development Plan

Katherine Sebastian Dring, who holds degrees in law and education, was elected Chairwoman of the EPTN this week. On the federal recognition front, she told The Day, “We feel confident that there are still avenues for us to regain our federal recognition.” She has endorsed plans for a development project that includes a cultural center and tribal housing on the reservation where only about 30 of 1100 EPTN members reside. She commented, “Primarily, that’s because most of the reservation is undeveloped,” she said. “No paved roads, no electrical service, no water service. The tribal members who live there have had to pull family resources together to put in wells and whatever else they need. It’s tough, so we hope to be able to put that infrastructure in place.” For more information on Chairwoman Sebastian Dring and her plans, please visit The Day>>.

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