Recent Publications on Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation Archaeology from Dr. Stephen Silliman and Colleagues

Members and friends – please consider reading about the tremendous work that Dr. Stephen Silliman, Graduate Program Director of the Historical Archaeology Program at UMass Boston, and colleagues have done regarding archaeological connections to the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation.

Silliman, Stephen W.
2014      Archaeologies of Indigenous Survivance and Residence: Navigating Colonial and Scholarly Dualities. In Rethinking Colonial Pasts through Archaeology, edited by Neal Ferris, Rodney Harrison, and Michael Wilcox, pp. 57-75. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Hunter, Ryan, Stephen W. Silliman, and David B. Landon
2014      Shellfish Collection and Community Connections in Eighteenth Century Native New England. American Antiquity 79(3):712-729.

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