Committees and Foundations


Tribal Council Committee List

Revised July 2019

Tribal Committees:

Education – Brenda Geer/ Valerie Gambrell / Natasha Gambrell/Steve Randall

Election – Valerie Gambrell / Lynn Powers/ Natasha Gambrell

Enrollment – Brenda Geer / La’Tasha Maddox/ Valerie Grambrell/ Natasha Gambrell

Historical Preservation/Archival Retrieval – Brenda Geer/ Shianne Sebastian / Derrick Strong/ Joanne Silva Njoku

Housing – Brenda Geer / Tyrone Gambrell / Derrick Strong/ Steve Randall/ Ashbow Sebastian

Indian Health Services – La’Tasha Maddox / Shianne Sebastian/ Derrick Strong

Pow-Wow – Natasha Gambrell / Derrick Strong/ Valerie Gambrell

Public Safety/ Environmental / Reservation Development – Brenda Geer/ Mitchel Ray / Derrick Strong/ Steve Randall/ Ashbow Sebastian

Social Events – La’Tasha Maddox / Carole Maddox/ Joanne Silva Njoku

Recreational Programs/Youth& Teen/Cultural – La’Tasha Maddox/ Natasha Gambrell/ Derrick Strong/ Tyrone Gambrell/ Carole Maddox/ Joanne Silva Njoku/ Valerie Gambrell

Economic Committee – Valerie Gambrell / Brenda Geer/ Natasha Gambrell/ Mitchel Ray/ Tyrone Gambrell

Tribal Foundations:

Wuttooantam Foundation – La’Tasha Maddox/ Derrick Strong/ Shianne Sebastian

**Chairperson Oversees and Advises on all Tribal Committees**

Tribal members interested in Enrollment, Wuttooantam Foundation, Election, and Housing must submit a letter to Tribal Council. Those seats are appointed by Tribal Council. Please submit letter of intent to

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