Stephen Randall – Councilor

As proud member of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation, I am a direct descendant of Abbe Fagins Randall. My father is Vernon M. Randall and my Aunt is Norma R. Parrish. I was preceded on tribal council by my uncle Lewis E. Randall Sr, elder and former chair. I was born and educated in the Norwich/ New London area graduating from the Williams School and Mitchell College with a degree in education.

Being a police officer in Fayetteville, NC for 10 years bolstered my commitment to community and compassion for my fellow men. After returning to the Northeastern Woodlands, I was renewed by family and nature. I joined tribal council to do my part to ensure the greatness of the seventh generation and beyond. I strive to do my best daily with the mantra, “We are still here”.

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