FY 2017 CSBG Executive Summary


The Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation (EPTN) is a Connecticut state recognized Indian tribe consisting of 1,187 members of which 620 reside in Connecticut. The 224 acre reservation of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation, established in 1683, is one of the oldest Native American reservation is the country. The EPTN reservation is located in North Stonington, Connecticut.

The EPTN is governed by its constitution and Tribal Council. A major long term goal of the tribe is to gain federal acknowledgement to assist tribal members in attaining self-sufficiency. After 22 years working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the BIA granted the EPTN a preliminary positive decision in 2000 and final positive decision in 2002. In an unprecedented appeal, the Interior Board of Indian Appeals in 2005 reversed the decision. The Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation is seeking to regain its federal recognition through the new BIA acknowledgment regulations pursuant to 25 CFR section 83.12.

The Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation’s mission is to protect our sovereignty, conserve and develop our tribal resources, and promote the self-sufficiency of our people and our descendants. The tribe continues to strive to meet these goals for a better life for the people.

With a Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) pursuant to 45 C.F.R. sections 676 and 677 Part 96 Subpart D, the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation will operate an Emergency Assistance Program for tribal members in need.

Without federal acknowledgment and relief from the long economic recession, the demand for emergency services has greatly increase. Tribal members struggle with financial resources for basic needs such as: rent, electricity, heating, and medical/dental expenses. After certifying low income eligibility, the tribe will provide financial assistance once/year to assist with the cost of these services.

The EPTN works closely with the Connecticut Indian Council Workforce Investment Project to provide job training and employment opportunities.

With the assistance of CSBG, the tribe will continue to operate the EPTN Emergency Food Pantry and provide nutritious food for tribal families in need. The tribe will inform and refer members to other services in the community to prevent emergency situations. The tribe will encourage members to work towards self-sufficiency. The tribe will refer members to the Connecticut Indian Council, Thames Valley Council for Community Action (the Community Action Program) for southeastern Connecticut, United Way 211 information/ help phone line, consisting of a directory of all health and human services in Connecticut and other emergency services.

EPTN submits this application for funding to the Administration for Children and Families, Office of Community Services, Division of State Assistance for Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) for Indian tribes to support an Emergency Assistance Program. EPTN is very grateful for this opportunity and assistance.

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