Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation Reservation Forestry Tour

Dear Members and Friends,
The Timber Harvest on the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation Reservation, one of the oldest reservations in the country established in 1683, has been completed to improve the health, safety, and sustainability of our forest. Long Term Forestry Management is part of the tribes (5) year Wintachoag Development Plan to “manage the reservation lands in a manner which prudently utilizes our own natural  resources to build our tribal and community institutions.” The Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation Council will host an
Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation Reservation Forestry Tour
Together with the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation Council, Chris Casadei, Forest Resources Manager for Hull Forest Products, will lead a guided 2 mile hike through a wooded portion of the Eastern Pequot reservation to demonstrate recent forest management activities there as well as areas of historic and cultural significance. Recommended for ages 12 and up.
(Parking is limited on a first come basis).
Date/Time: Saturday October 15, 2016 10am-12:30 pm.
Location: North Stonington, CT. Take Wrights Road off Wintechog Hill Road in North Stonington, and follow Wrights Rd. to the end, bearing right into the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation reservation.
Best Regards,
Katherine Sebastian Dring, Chairwoman
Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation

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