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Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation
Tribal Council
Katherine Sebastian Dring, J.D.
Tribal ChairBrenda Geer
Vice Chair

Lynn D. Powers, MSM
Recording Secretary

Joseph A. Perry

Valerie A. Gambrell

Angeline Oliver

La’Tasha Maddox

JoAnne Silva- Njoku, M.Ed.

Tyrone Gambrell

Larry Pemberton

Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation

Dear Members and Friends,

The Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation was dealt a devastating blow when its federal recognition was revoked in 2005. Federal recognition grants crucial health, housing and education assistance to Native American tribes. It also grants recognized tribes the ability to engage in economic development and exist as a federally acknowledged tribe. We were dealt an additional blow this year when the Bureau of Indian Affairs made reforms to regulations governing the federal recognition process. Although it appears that there will be no opportunity to re-petition to the BIA for federal acknowledgement under the reformed regulations, we are working to find ways to regain our federal recognition status.

As we enter the holiday season and reflect on the past year we think of the things that we are grateful for: a collaborative TEDx talk with students from the Connecticut College Community Based Research Program, our ongoing partnership with Dr. Steve Silliman of UMass Boston and the Eastern Pequot Archaeological Field School, tribal youth participation in historic discussions during a Native Youth Gathering and Roundtable with the Office of Native American Affairs and strategic actions to develop our community on the reservation. In addition, our Emergency Services and Food Pantry Program funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services Community Services Block Grant has provided over 100 tribal families with funds for electricity, medicine, transportation and food. These things enforce our strength and relevancy. We maintain the longest continuously occupied reservation in the nation and we aren’t going away, but we need your help.

Your donation will support tribal operations, including rent and utilities for our Longhouse, media and public relations, legal assistance, and travel to the BIA to ensure a fair process. Our elders, with strong veteran representation, our youth, some college-bound, and our tribe of over 1000 members, many of whom can’t live on our reservation without community development funding, need your support. Please visit our GoFundMe page>> to donate and learn a little bit more about our tribe or send physical donations to:

Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation
P.O. Box 208
391 Norwich Westerly Road
North Stonington, CT 06359

May peace be with you,

Katherine Sebastian Dring
Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation

391 Norwich Westerly Road – P.O. Box 208 – North Stonington, Connecticut 06359
Phone: 1-860-535-1868 www.easternpequottribalnation.com eptn1683@yahoo.com

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