1st Annual Pequot War Memorial 5K

The Wuttooantam Foundation Inc. is proud to announce the first annual Pequot War Memorial 5K taking place right on the newly-cleared trails of the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation Reservation on October 7th, 2017. The event will serve to honor those who lost their lives during the Pequot War of 1637 please register at –> https://pequotwarrun17.eventbrite.com

One thought on “1st Annual Pequot War Memorial 5K

  1. Tjamel Hamlin

    I would love to contribute in the making of this event. This is tribal member Tjamel Hamlin II (tribal name) Kitchi Mashquanon of birth year 1989. Both wolf and Mark agreed that I should help run it. Mainly because I just completed my first half marathon and long distance race of my career recently on May 21st. I ran the mystic half marathon for us and our ancestors. I did better than expected time wise. My goal was just to finish and run as strong as I could for us, the earth and all life yuh know? I have aspirations to run professionally and use my earnings to develop our community, our government and our nation’s well being. Me as well as Neeze Mataquash (Marcus Sebastian) have made a collaborative effort through music with motivation to communicate our stories as Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation members as well. We have an interesting plan to travel as well on the circuit in addition to the music. It should be interesting and powerful. Thinking about it and sharing it with you all lifts my spirit. Thankh you, Kutaputush.

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